Posted by: mick | June 4, 2007

A week of celebration

me and j at thornton’sThis past week was quite busy, mainly with various celebrations for Jason and my two year anniversary. On Wednesday, after our respective classes, we met up with our friends Aaron and Erin at a local pub for some pre-game pre-gaming. I bought these tickets for Jason on my own, and it just so happened that they had tickets to the same game, and were sitting four rows behind us in the same section. What are the odds? We were excited, though, as we got to play before the game with our favorite Boston couple. We then headed for our next stop to Thornton’s, our favorite little place for burgers and beer before we moved out of the Fenway neighborhood. We had drinks outside, drinks inside, and lots of witty banter before heading over the to game itself. jason pre-game


Fenway stadium was beautiful as ever, and our bleacher seats were fine with us. Neither of us is really big into baseball; we both just love live sporting events for the fun of it. Jason and I are more into football and hockey, respectively. Regardless of our preferences (and the fact that Cleveland spanked the Sox) we had a really lovely time.

no good

After what was mostly a typical week, (and getting new cell phones, weeeee) we had the same Aaron and Erin over for drinks and pinochle, as is our wont most weekends. This night, however, was not our typical night. I probably should have realized this when, shortly after they arrived at 7:30, Jason was rummaging through the crisper drawer looking for the limes. After a ton of tequila shots and summer ales, some amazing cupcakes from Party Favors that were approrpiately themed, spicy pretzels, twister, pinochle, Big Trouble in Little China (classic) and an impromptu dance party, they headed home and Jason and I decided to exchange our unwrapped anniversary presents. Normally I’d be against this type of thing, as I love the anticipation of getting and giving gifts, but the tequila decided for me. I got Jason a painting of the Boston skyline from the Charles side, and I think he really liked it. An artist on Newbury sells a lot of Boston scenes, and J is always admiring them when we walk by. I wanted to combine the game and painting as a send-off of sorts. I know I’ve complained pretty incessantly about Boston since moving here three years ago, but it will always be special to me as the city where Jason and I met and fell in love. We have so many memories here, and I will always cherish them. I think (*hope) he liked his presents.

I was lucky enough to receive a hiking pack from REI, filled with tons of goodies like a mini flashlight, poncho, first-aid kit, hiking socks, and more. I was so excited! It really is the perfect gift, as I can’t wait to get to Kalamazoo and be able to do more outdoorsy things, mostly involving hiking, camping (both of which I’ve never done before–I’m a city girl) and biking both to work and on the trail near our house out to Lake Michigan. I was even more shocked when he took me on REI’s website and showed me the amazing hiking boots he got me! I was so surprised to receive so many things, though I’m not sure why. My Jason has never gone an occasion where he hasn’t gone a little over board, and I can’t really fault him because I tend to do the same thing. I’m so excited for the boots to come in so I can test them out, along with all of my other fantasticness. I’m such a lucky girl!

After exchanging on Friday, we spent Saturday relaxing, getting some Cold Stone to beat the insane heat, going to the movies (go see Knocked-Up–seriously, I nearly peed my pants, and it was also really heart-warming and cute), and then went to Golden Temple, where I’ve been wanting to eat for months. The food was really good, and we ordered a ton of it, so I got to have some for lunch today. Yay! We then got some amazing desserts at Athan’s to take home, and hung out on the couch cuddling and eating goodies. It was a wonderful celebration of our past two years together, and I can’t wait for the years to come and all of our new adventures together. I’ll stop typing about it now before I get too mushy.

second sockOk, since this is a knitting blog, I’ll get on to the knitting content. Over the past week I’ve cast on for my second first sock, and it looks like this as of tonight.

candle flame beginningTonight I also decided on a pattern for my third professor’s gift scarf, and I’m hoping I stick with it. I went with the Candle Flame Scarf from Knitpicks, and started it tonight. I hope this works after the many false starts with patterns, and I’ve got to admit I chose it in part because it looks fairly simple. I’m very much over the whole scarf idea. Blech. You’ll probably notice that it looks very tiny, and is being knitted from a teensy ball of yarn. That is mostly because Schaeffer Anne is, I have decided, the devil. I’ve encountered no fewer than three breaks in the yarn so far, and I’m getting fed up. I’ll never buy it again, that’s for sure.

Other than that, I’m sort of torn as to what my next me-centered project will be. I was working on Honeymoon, and fully intended to restart it after my last mishap, but then I encountered this on the web. Could it be more perfect? I’m completely obsessed, and it doesn’t help that I happen to have that exact color in the exact right amount in my stash right now. (On a side note, they list the color as Sedona Red. Need I remind you that I bought that color of Cotton Fleece when I returned from Sedona because it reminded me of the red rocks? The color’s name wasn’t on the skein, just the numbers. Fate! If I could have a job naming colors/yarn/crayons, I’d be the happiest girl alive.) I originally intended it for Honeymoon, but this little number is really pulling me. I’m trying to argue with myself that I’ll get more use out of a short-sleeved “sweater” than a sleeveless one ( which always seemed counter-intuitive to me), but really, it’s just that I’m in deep smit with it. Can I really rationalize spending $5.50 on a pattern when I have so many knitting books sitting on my kitchen table? Am I a horrible person?

In lieu of answers to these important questions, I’ll leave you with the promised photos of my project at The Clayroom from a few weeks back. Perhaps Super Duck (SD) can save me from my knitting promiscuity.

super duck


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