Posted by: mick | May 8, 2007

Rip it good

Last night, I got to work on Honeymoon a bit more, and after a few more rows on the back right section, I got to thinking. “Self, this looks rather…large.” I took advantage of the fact that the work was on holders and tried it on, and proceeded to laugh my dupa off. It was ENORMOUS. Granted, I don’t like things to be tight, but this was obscene. There’s nothing pretty about a sexy little cami sized like a trash bag. After a minute of hesitation, I ripped the entire thing back. I didn’t shed a tear, though I did whine about it for the rest of the night. All that’s left is three nicely wound balls of Cotton Fleece (Thanks for your help, honey!), which continue to mock me from my coffee table. r.i.p. honeymoon

So sad. But I guess this is a lesson learned. I didn’t know about swatching in the round, and I cheated and didn’t make a real swatch. I have now learned my lesson. I, MLT, hereby solemnly swear to knit an entire swatch in the appropriate format, for each and every project for which gauge is important, so help me.

Now that that’s done, on to my knitterly insanity. I’ve been thinking about the projects that I’ve tackled so far, and all of the ones that I want to tackle, and realized that I’m accumulating quite the list. I spent a good deal of time last night composing a list of what I want to knit, as well as what I’ve got to knit, going through my six copies of Interweave Knits, as well as my patternly books. I thought I’d have a few things, but let me tell you, it was not pretty. I wrote like a fiend for about an hour and flipped pages feverishly, oohing and ahhing over just about every page. I originally planned to post the entire list but, due to space/time constraints, I give you the barebones list.

Things I have to knit (Most of these are gifts, so if anyone has any ideas of patterns, please pass them on!)

  • hats for co-workers: 1. plain, no-frills hat for conservative co-worker; 2. irish-themed hat (perhaps a simple tam? are they simple?); 3. cute hat for younger co-worker (something fun, but not frilly or trendy)
  • lace scarves for my recommendors: 1. branching out (in your face, already done!); 2. argosy (which I’m struggling with; more on that later); 3. palette (or other lace scarf that will work well with Schaffer Anne)
  • gift for my hairdresser (something funky, like knucks, motorcycle gloves, or a belt bag)

Things I want to knit (I’m limiting this to the things I’m really dying to knit; otherwise, we’d be here all day!)

  • socks (I must learn!)
  • honeymoon cami
  • Dollar and a Half Cardigan (it’s so adorable!)
  • Notre Dame de Grace
  • Marseilles
  • Enid Cardigan
  • Bamboo nightie
  • Gatsby Girl (all above from IK)
  • Cotton Raglan (Cables Untangled)
  • Men’s Rustic Scarf
  • Chevron Scarf (both scarves from LMKG)
  • Hex Coat (from Knitting Nature. So gorgeous, I’m obsessed!)
  • Ram’s Horn Jacket
  • Droplet Hat (perhaps for the coworker who is my age?)

So that’s it. Keep in mind, this is the greatly reduced list. I’ve got so much I want to do, I’m going insane! I’ll really have to prioritize once I’m done the “Have To’s.” It’s so sad. If you saw the full list, you’d barf. Jason thinks I’m a psycho, but I just like to think I’m a dreamer.

Today was my first day of teaching, and it went pretty well. It’s a great schedule, teaching one class four days a week until the end of June, then I’m done. This will allow me tons of time for packing and getting ready for the big move to MI sometime in August. We actually head out to Kalamazoo on Thursday for a conference, and while there we’ll be apartment hunting and visiting campus. I’m so excited! I think it will become real when I see the place; until then, Kalamazoo just sounds like a place dreamed up my Dr. Seuss. Tonight, Jason plays WOW all night. That means I spend the night knitting. I started on Argosy, but I’m confused about the casting on at the end of a row. I tried it with cable cast-on, but then my working yarn ends up in the middle of the row. Can someone who made this help me out? I’ve been looking around, but it appears I’m the only spaz who ran into this problem. I’m sure it’s something easy, but I’d really appreciate someone plunking me on the head with the obvious. Thanks!



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