Posted by: mick | May 1, 2007

Goodbyes, reunions, weddings, and brushes with fame.

This past weekend I took Jason home with me to attend Becky’s wedding. Becky, for those of you who don’t know, is my best friend from high school and pretty damn awesome. We were all packed and ready to go, with new purchases and knits in tow (Jason bought a suit, I had a new suitcase, dress, and handknit shawl), and then it happened…the inevitable airline delay. I honestly cannot recall one single flight I’ve taken this year that hasn’t been delayed at least an hour, and this one was delayed over three. So after a gate change (which meant we had to go back through security) and watching some psycho threaten the gate agent and tell his six year old to shut up, we were relatively happily installed and waiting. Then I look up, and who do I see? None other than Deval Patrick, aka governor of Massachusetts. He was at the gate, picking up someone off of the plane we were about to board. Jason was miffed that he could bypass security even though he wasn’t a ticketed customer, but I was just star-struck and giddy. After a pep-talk from Jason, I got enough guts to introduce myself and ask for a picture. So here it is, my first photo with a famous person:

me and deval

I know he’s gotten a bad rap so far, what with the expensive car and drapes and aid for his wife, but I’ve always liked him. I think those are the mistakes of a new politician, not a bad person. If anything, his naivete is reassuring to me, after the oiliness of the dreaded Romney. He was really nice, introduced himself to Jason too, and cracked a few jokes. All in all, Go Deval! (I admit it, I get starstruck. I’ve met Tom Brady, Kevin Millar, and Jimmy Fallon since moving to Boston, and the most starstruck I’ve ever been was walking behind Kerri Russell for a few blocks down Newbury Street. I called my mom freaking out that Felicity was right in front of me. I always thought I was pretty mellow, but in the presence of the beautiful people I act like a total spaz.)

After finally arriving Friday night, we had the visit with the grandparents Saturday. It was as pleasant as a most-likely last visit with your grandmother/hero can be. Grandmom’s cancer has spread pretty much everywhere, and they’re giving her six months. This news really saddens me, but I feel relieved to see her taking it relatively in stride. Helen is a really remarkable woman, and she’s lived a life full of happiness, hard work, and love. She has no regrets, and so I’m trying to be at peace with her imminent departure. At least that’s what I’m telling myself now, while she’s still feeling relatively good. I’m hoping she can remain comfortable and calm, and I hope I can bring her the comfort she brought to the rest of us through many a family crisis.

Then, after a horrible food incident at Panera on Rt. 202 (You don’t want to know. It involved hair in my soup that is NOT from someone’s head), we got dolled up for Becky’s wedding and headed out the door. And now, a photo montage:

ridley girlsTa and BeckyJoshy CashMe and Jason

The photos are, clockwise from top left: Becky, Karen, me, and Debbie; me and the beautiful bride; Josh (her new husband), surprising her by singing Walk the Line as a serenade (I’ll admit, I teared up a bit); me and the handsome man, looking fine in his new suit, and myself sporting the superlong wrap. In retrospect, super may be a bit too long, as it was sort of annoying. Also, the Blue Sky Organic Cotton shedded fuzz all over Jason’s suit jacket. Gross.

The wedding was a really great time. I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen or spoken to in years, and got some updates on other friends I’ve lost touch with along the way. My one high school friend is now married with twin one-year-olds, and I’m so happy for her. Sure, knowing she’s a mommy makes me feel old, but also really young. So many friends are settling down and having babies, getting married, and Jason and I are still in so many ways really free. It made me happy for what we have together and appreciate it even more.

The rest of the weekend was brief, spent at a dog park with Basia and playing with her cats. They loved Jason, and I’ll leave you with some photos of them. As for me, I’m nursing some bizarre strep/flu/death concoction, so I’m off to bed. And now for gratuitous mow footage:

Murph Man


Jason, Murph, and AbbyJason’s not dead, he’s just being a mow sofa.


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