Posted by: mick | April 19, 2007

Another Marathon Monday

So Monday was the 111th Boston Marathon here in Beantown. Though I never really pay much attention to it, I really enjoyed myself this year. The route goes right past our apartment, so we were able to join friends outside and watch the men’s and women’s leaders go by. Then we went in to warm up and have a few beers, and ventured outside to watch the stragglers. These were the people that really needed encouragement, especially so soon after Heartbreak Hill, so it was great to show our support. It looked like this:marathon

After standing out there for over an hour, I was freezing cold, and if at all possible gained even more respect for these people. I dabble in running at times in my life, but I could never do anything even close to this. At best I got up to 3 miles a day, and that was at my peak performance. Usually I shuffle for a mile and call it a day. But 26.2 miles, talk about intense! It was really an incredible experience, which surprised me. I thought, big deal, just a bunch of runners, but once we got out there it was really moving. We all screamed until we lost our voices (my inner cheerleader reared its ugly pom-pom), and the runners really seemed to appreciate it. Many put their names on their shirts, and we gave each one an encouraging shout-out as they went by. It was great to see someone starting to drag suddenly perk up and grin when we screamed like lunatics for them. So cool to see, it was a great way to spend what is most likely my last Marathon Monday.

Other than that, this week has been relatively uneventful. Despite the commute from hell this morning, work has been busy (we’re short-handed), but I can’t complain. I usually go insane from the mind-numbing boredom, so it’s been fine with me.

Yesterday I came home to fine the new Spring Interweave Knits, as well as all of the 2006 issues I ordered. This was really thrilling to me, as it’s my first knitting publication. I’ve got a ton of patterns I’m salivating over, but we’ll see what I actually start and when. I’m hoping to tackle the lace scarves next, and finish my Honeymoon cami while I’m at it.

In shopping news, I bought the following pairs at a sale on Saturday:

wedding shoesearth shoes
Please excuse my pastiness, but I had to model them. They’re so springy, and this weather has really got me down. Sometimes I really do think I’ve got that SAD. The first pair is for Ms. Becky’s wedding next weekend. They’re a pretty, neutral goldish metallic, which hopefully will go with everything. I never wear heels, and I never buy expensive shoes, but these were worth the splurge. They’re Sofft, which I never heard of, but are the most comfortable shoes ever. I can definitely dance all night in these, and will if mine and Becky’s past track records at various high school dances are any indicator. The other pair is from Earth, and I don’t think Jason likes them. Though they’re definitely not sexy, I didn’t think they were too granola, but rather cute summer shoes I can wear with shorts, skirts, etc. I live in hippie skirts all summer, so they’re perfect, and also really comfy and apparently good for support, which is great because I’m constantly twisting my ankle in the summer. I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to wear them. I know, I’m a grandma because I bought two pairs of orthopedic shoes. But I like my feet and want to keep them functioning, which is tough when one walks as much as we do during the summer. So stuff it.

Ok, so you might be wondering, “This is a knitting blog. Where’s the knitting?” (And the fudgicles? You said there’d be fudgicles! Where’s the fudgicles?!) Well, see that sky in the Marathon pic? That’s about as nice as it’s been here in a week, what with the Noreaster and all. It’s so gross, cold, windy, rainy, and just plain icky. The light in my apartment sucks, especially with bad weather, by the time I get home from work, so I’ve decided to stop subjecting you to my flash. (Hehe, that sounds naughty.) Next week the weather looks much better, which is great since I’ll be on vacation! Much more knitting, photos, and fun will be had then, which I will post like the giant nerd that I am.


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