Posted by: mick | April 16, 2007

Breaking it down

So it’s been a tumultous few days. I got incredibly good news on Tuesday night, and I’m still floating around on cloud nine. Of course, that floating is tempered with slight freaking out about the fact that we now have to move halfway across the country, buy a car, find a place to live, etc. and so on. I’m a bit neurotic. The next day, though, I got news that our friend Aaron was also accepted into a PhD program in the midwest, so we’ll be neighbors still! (Sort of. 2.5 hours is really pseudo-neighbors, but still.) This makes my news that much sweeter, as we’ve been supporting each other all year as we go through the application process together. It’s been arduous but now, everything’s coming up Millhouse.

So last weekend was really fun with the Easter and Deb and Gil’s visit, and I’ve uploaded a million pics of Wiglaf eating an Easter basket to my flickr. Check them out if you need a toothy mow fix.* We went to dinner at Tasca in Brighton, and I highly recommend it. It was my first experience with tapas, which makes no sense since I’ve been to Spain, and I really loved it. Good food, great atmosphere, and not at all expensive, which says a lot in Boston.

So we’ve got a three day weekend for Patriot’s Day, and I think we’re only one of two states in the nation that do that. Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon, which I believe is really just an excuse to close down the city and watch the crazy runners. Speaking of which, Erin told us last night that the route goes right by our apartment, so we’ll go outside and yell supportive phrases like, “Eye of the tiger!” and “No pain no gain!” at the poor runners. I’m pumped.

In knitting news, I discovered a new yarn shop yesterday. I’ve been trekking all the way to Windsor Button for the past few months to buy yarn, but I just discovered A Good Yarn, and they’ll be fighting for my business. It’s this teeny insy store, but it’s packed to the gils with yarn. I went there looking for Elsepeth Lavold Silky Wool (which they do have) and Noro Silk Garden Lite, but walked away with this:

yarn porn ahoy

The yarn Wiglaf hovers over is some Schaffer Anne, which I plan to use for the Palette scarf in the most recent Knitty; the Silk Garden Lite is for the Argosy scarf; and the Jojoland Melody is for Branching Out. They’re all new yarns for me, and I’ve never heard of the Jojoland at all. It was a steal at five bucks a skein, though! I’m planning on making all of these scarves for the professors who wrote me recommendations for PhD applications as a way of saying thank you. They’re all sort of mentors to me, and I just didn’t think thank yous and a Dunkin’s gift card would cut it. The plan is to knit those up and get them in their mailboxes before we move, which is quite ambitious since I’ve never knitted lace. The other goody in the photo is the Soak Starter Kit. I figure I need some wool wash, and this was just too much fun to pass up. I have commitment issues. You don’t rinse it, which is incredible. I’ll probably put a drop into my water bottle for spray blocking, too. I’m hoping this will encourage me to get over my fear of properly blocking garments.

Since I’m salivating to start the scarves, I’m trying really hard to get my two (!) wip’s off the needles and onto my body. The Superlong Wrap is actually much longer than in the pic, thanks to the rainy knitting weather today, but I haven’t touched Honeymoon in about a week.

Honeymoon Cami and Superlong Wrap

Today’s theme is “Wiglaf Hearts Knitting,” which is pretty true. He also hearts the camera, and works it as soon as I try to snap a photo. The wrap is at least twice as long as pictured there, but you get the idea. I’m hoping the work with eyelet in these two pieces will prepare me to tackle lace soon. I also need to keep plugging away at the wrap (super yawny knitting) even though I’m bored, because it’s part of the outfit for Becky’s wedding in two weeks. My best friend from high school is getting married, and this makes me feel so old. But I digress.

In other purchases this weekend: two pairs of shoes. They’ll be in the next post, but until then, I hear a wrap calling my name.

*Ok, if you read this blog, you probably already want a toothy mow fix. I give you, “Wiglaf Love Easter” (a photo documentary in chronological order):

innocent Wiglaf Curious Wig and basket

So innocent. What’s this? I love basket.

And then, Wiglaf unleashes the kitty fury that’s always just under his cute, fuzzy surface (Warning, Easter basket violence ahead):

testing biting grrrr carnage!



  1. How come my cat is in more pictures than I am?! >

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