Posted by: mick | April 6, 2007

haircuts and honeymooning

This will be a short one, as I stayed up late last night (late for me; 11 pm!) and I’m pooped. Jason and I got haircuts last night, which is always an adventure. I’ve been trying to grow mine out, and last night was my first haircut in three months. I saw the always-fabulous Claudia at Salon Marc Harris, and as usual I’m super thrilled with the results. She has never steered me wrong in the near three years I’ve been seeing her, and I’ve followed her from her old salon to her new one. She’s seen me through really short, asymettrical with purple, pink, and turquoisy peacock, from platinum to black and back to my natural color. I trust her completely. Anyway, last night she gave Jason a much needed cut, and he looks adorable as always. His little blonde ringlets are still there, just less unruly. A girl at work told him he looks like a cherub, and I completely agree. (Does that make me a pervert? Hmmm.) Claudia managed to cut lots of my hair without making it shorter. Magic! So it’s still long, but I look more punk rock and less soccer mom. She’s bringing me back to my roots, hehe.

After dinner we went to our favorite restaurant in the Newbury Street area, Steve’s. The avgolemono soup is quite possibly the best soup I’ve ever had, and that says a lot. I’m a soup afficianado. Mmmmmm, food.

Tonight after an extremely frustrating day at work (followed almost immediately by a correspondingly cathartic bitch session to the J-man), we stopped for pizza , then came home and cleaned a bit for Deb and Gil’s visit. I’m really excited! We always have a nice visit when they come. I really love Jason’s family, we all get along so well. So it will be a nice weekend. I did some knitting on Honeymoon after cleaning, and I’m approaching the bust increases. I had to finagle the pattern a bit. It appears I’m a size 38 for bust and hips, but my waist is a freakish 30. I added two decrease rows for the waist, which took a lot of patience and playing around. I think I got it (I’ll have to add two increase rounds to get back to 38 for the bust), but now it looks really extreme. I’m nervous, but hopefully it will look good on. I don’t want the waist to be really baggy, so decreasing an extra 8 stitches should get me down a little less than the 2 inch difference. It’ll be around 32 rather than 34, leaving me two inches of ease without being too baggy. Right? Am I crazy? This is all so radical. Knitting extreme! Sunday Sunday Sunday! It’s absolutely pandamonium!

Ok, I’ll update on the weekend (and the cami, yipe!) later. For now I see a mowface who’s waiting to cuddle.


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