Posted by: mick | April 2, 2007

the (new) fabric of my life

I’ve gotten really used to stress these past few months. I started studying for the GRE subject Lit test in September, so it’s been over six months now that I’ve been applying to/freaking out about phd programs. It’s really nice when, in the middle of all that stress, a perfect weekend surprises you. This was one of those weekends. (And no, I still haven’t gotten in anywhere. Three schools and one wait-list to go!).

I woke up yesterday early, knitted for a bit on Honeymoon, and then went for a run. I haven’t been able to sleep in for quite a while now, so I generally knit and watch the food network while Jason sleeps. He stays up much later than me most nights. It’s funny that a morning person can love a night person so much. I had a great run around the reservoir, which is surprising since it was my first run since last summer. I just can’t bring myself to run outside in the cold. Afterward I knitted a bit more and finished the eyelet rib section of the cami, went out to lunch with Jason, and then schleped my knitting and some yarn to return down to Windsor Button. I returned the Art Yarns Supermerino peachy-blue monstrosity for my Superlong Wrap, but couldn’t come up with anything suitable to substitute. I wanted something neutral, but the Eco-Wool used in the pattern was out due to itch factor, as were things like Cascade 220. I looked at a Berroco wool/alpaca blend, but it appears I’m super-sensitive to itch as even my baby alpaca scarf and hat itch me like crazy. I thought I was doomed to shawlessness, and then it happened. I discovered what is quite possibly the perfect yarn. I give you…Blue Sky Organic Cotton. Have you felt this? It’s seriously like a cotton ball was stretched into yarn. It’s so fluffy and soft, not at all shiny or tight like a mercerized cotton yarn. It has some nice give, and is so fluffy. Plus, it’s completely organic and undyed, which I feel appeases the granola-gods after I’ve started eating meat again. So I got it, and started working with it immediately after coming home. It’s seriously the best yarn ever, and really easy to knit with. I have big plans to copy/fix my grandpa sweater from J. Crew several winters ago, which is handknitted and for some reason has a normal torso length but arms for a t-rex. It’s amazing yarn, I want to eat it, and I keep telling Jason so. He thinks I’m crazy.

After buying the yarn, I sat down at my first ever knitting group/circle. I was pretty nervous, but the women were so nice. I didn’t expect them to be un-nice, but I’m shy, so I was a little timid. Beth, the resident knitting guru, helped me figure out the increase explanations for the Honeymoon, and was otherwise helpful. The other women were nice too, and I think I scored some points when I joined in their novelty yarn bashing. (I meant what I said: it does feel like knitting with muppet. “Bill, what’s this blue meat we’re eating?” “Why, Mary, it’s muppet!”). After getting distracted and mussing up the first decrease round, however, I decided it was time to leave. I’ll be heading back I think, and highly recommend it to a Boston knitter with any questions. Beth really knows her stuff, and couldn’t be more friendly.

After working on both projects a bit today, this is what I have: Honeymoon Cami and Superlong Wrap

The colors in that picture are pretty true to real-life. I’m pretty pleased with both so far, though I must say that the Cotton Fleece is more splitty than I’m used to. Now that I’m past they eyelet, though, it’s getting a bit easier. And this is another first for me: first time working on more than one project at a time! The wrap is boring to knit, I found, so I returned to the cami tonight. Wrap repeats are easy and equal mindless knitting, but the increases and decreases that I worked out for the cami are a bit more attention-intensive.

Last night was date night, and we got an Italian feast and then saw Meet The Robinsons in 3d. (“The pop-corn, it’s in 3d! Oh, the corn is popping in your face in…3d!”) I’m a sucker for animated movies, but I’ve been disapointed lately. Nothing could take the place of Disney classics, and I think there’s been nothing but crap since Nemo. But this movie was actually pretty good. We both laughed out loud a lot; however, I must warn you that the moral is really heavy-handed. Disney’s not one for subtlety, it seems. But yeah, it was uber-cute.

What did I get up to today, you might ask? I cleaned, and then I did this: stash!

I know, that’s a lot of yarn porn. But really, it’s not that bad. I actually think I’m ahead of the stash game, and further demonstrated my willpower when I didn’t spend the rest of my credit after returning my yarn yesterday. So what we have is: a lot of Noro Kureyon for when I master short rows and make Lizard Ridge for our bed, which I will do soon eventually. I’ve got the Cotton Fleece and the Organic Cotton for my current wip’s, lots of leftovers from various projects and gifts (most notably: bright yellow and navy from Gil’s Michigan scarf, Kureyon from Jason’s hat and scarf), some Red Heart my mom bought and quickly abandoned when I tried to teach her to knit over Christmas (and failed miserably), a heap of leftover Plymouth from my Hourglass Sweater, some random sock yarn I bought to practice and the much nicer Cherry Tree Hill Jason got me for Christmas (appropriately in the Champlain Sunset colorway), and the fuschia leftovers of Cashmerino from KV’s Fetching and the wine colored ones for mine, which are yet to be knitted. It’s not too bad, right? Do I need an intervention? I swear, I don’t have a yarn problem.


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