Posted by: mick | March 30, 2007

what once was a shawl…

So the past two days have been eventful, yet I have nothing to show for them. Last night I messed around with the “Superlong Wrap” pattern on the recommended tens, but couldn’t get gauge. I switched to elevens, but the yarn just looked silly. So I ripped it out again and started on tens today. After messing up and dropping a YO and ripping back/starting over several times, I ended up with something that looked like this: Easter Egg Wrap

I was doing well with the pattern, and pleased that it does indeed produce biased edges. However, the colors look like a baby blanket to me. I’m not sure why, but I just can’t seem to like them. The diagonal lines they form are neat, but peach? Ick. Let’s just say I’m not a peach person. The color looked much more beigey/taupe (“They say it’s very soothing.”) in the store. But I don’t want to spend the rest of the summer looking like an easter egg.

So what did I do? I ripped it out. All of it. Sure, it doesn’t look like much, but since I took a sick day from work and spent it knitting this thing, it was valuable time. The frogging was cathartic, though, and today proved a much needed break from stress and fear of failure due to yet another PhD rejection last night.

So the rest of my night was knitting free, and will be until I head to Windsor Button on Saturday for the knitting group. I’ve never been to one of these before, but as the knitting lady is always so nice there, I thought I’d give it a go. I’m always lamenting my lack of friends since I moved to Boston, so it will be nice to hang out with some people that have a shared interest. While there I’ll return the uncracked 5 skeins of this icky color and get something more suitable for the shawl. I’m thinking a nice, solid, possibly boring color. Do I hear taupe again? My wardrobe tends toward the hippie scale during the summer months, so something neutral will probably do. The pattern used Cascade Eco-Wool, but I’m worried that might be too itchy. Any thoughts?

Miss Patches, needless to say, relished every minute of our lounging and knitting time together today. I wanted to show everyone how cute she is, and so here are the first of many gratuitous mow shots: mowface knits aw, mow

Isn’t she the cutest? She knows it, too. She absolutely loves knitting time, and is on my lap the minute I sit on the futon. I get bonus cuddle time for putting her favorite blanket on my lap. It used to be my grandmom’s blanket, but that’s been replaced by the quilt Amy gave us for Christmas. I love it, it’s really pretty. All shades of browns and off-whites, with paisley patterns. The fabric is linen and cotton so it’s non-itchy, and the backside (hehe) is off-white fleece, so it’s nice and snuggly. I’m thinking this will be our blanket on the bed for summer. Mmmm, quilts. I’m hoping to learn how to sew, once I get my mom’s old singer she’s saving for me from her basement, and hopefully make some quilts of my own. I had one on my bed growing up, in this light yellow bedroom with a rag rug underneath, and I really do miss the country homey-ness of it all. Le sigh, I’m ready to leave the big city. A few more schools to hear from, and then I plan my next move (read: escape).


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