Posted by: mick | March 26, 2007

On to bigger and better things

So today was a good day. It was actually chilly and gloomy, and so I got to wear the sweater to work. I was sitting at my desk when a professor complimented me on the sweater. I must say, I was really proud to tell her that I made it. It gave me such satisfaction that she was awed, and I had to assure her that, yes, I did knit the entire sweater by hand, by myself. I just started this a few months ago, and I never thought I’d get to this point! It was a lot of fun to make, and then really rewarding to wear. I had a smug, self-satisfied smile on all day. And now for an action shot: hourglass in action

Much credit is due to Jason, who dragged me outside after lunch and convinced me to pose for some photos. He was jumping up and down afterward, which earned him the “official knitting photographer” title from now on. He was particularly proud of this one, because of the “jaunty angle.” So cute.

So the details are few. It’s the Hourglass pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I didn’t want to spring for the aptly named Cash Iroha (cha-ching!), so the yarn store lady whose name I don’t know suggested this Plymouth wool-acrylic blend. It worked out well, and I really do love the color. Now that I wore it, I’m glad I didn’t go for the expensive yarn. Though it is really luxurious and I love the slight variegation, I think I’ll save it for a more exciting project. I added one round of decreases to the neckline as many people have suggested, and though it did cover my bra straps, it left me with this weird pseudo-mock thing in the front that wanted to curl down. All in all, though, I’m really pleased with it. It’s comfy and roomy and soft, and I made the arms extra long for the snuggle factor. The yarn lady remembered me tonight, and said I did a beautiful job and should be proud. It made me happy like a little kid. I think today is the first day I’ve really thought of myself as a knitter, and not someone just tooling around with yarn and sticks.

Yes, I did go to the yarn store. I have poor impulse control. I bought this:new yarn

The colors are a little bleached out. The multi is art yarns supermarino for a shawl I’m going to tackle next. I forget the title of the pattern, so I’ll call it…shawl. I wanted something to practice yarnovers (YO!) and, though I never thought I’d wear a shawl, I think it will be nice to keep in my bag all summer for cold movie theaters and restaurants. After a million hours in the yarn store, wracked with indecision, Jason suggested this color. At first I disagreed, as the brownish and blue seemed non-intuitive to me, but now I really love it. The blue and brown remind me of the beach, and what could be better for a light summery shawl? I can’t wait to start!

The Cotton Fleece is a really pretty salmony/terra cotta color that reminded me of our recent trip to Sedona. Can you tell I’m ready for summer, warm weather, and getting out of Boston? I got it to try the Honeymoon tank, which is also exciting. And I’ll tell you why: Honeymoon will mark several firsts for me. First attempt at lace, first try at anything summery, and first use of cotton yarn. This is all very thrilling. I’ve loved the tank for a while, but was nervous about it because I’m a bit on the chesty side. But then while lurking on mind of winter after looking at the pattern for the millionth time, I saw the knitter’s gallery for the Honeymoon, which calmed all of my fears. The designer also posted an FAQ which I highly recommend if you’re knitting the tank. There are some great tips for shaping if you’re at all built like me.

So now I’m off to knit and watch tv with the boy and the mows. I know this is a lot of rambling and a lot of knitting but, hey, whatever keeps my mind off the PhD application waiting game.

p.s. I also bought blocking pins, which were very excited to be in the photo with such beautiful yarn



  1. Yay for cute pictures! And for knitting awesomeness.

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