Posted by: mick | March 25, 2007

Hello world!

So this is my first blog.  And my first post.  I also just finished my first sweater (kind of), and thought this momentous occasion called for something…big.  Triumphant photos to come shortly.



  1. Yaaaay! Congratulations on both sweater and blog, hon! You rock.

  2. weeeeeeeee!!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog this week and have read all your posts. I get a lot of blog reading accomplished whilst rocking and nursing my new(ish) baby (whatever did mamas do before iPods and wireless Internet?). She’s just over 5 months old. I’m salivating over all your FOs and am inspired to use my long ago purchased KPPPM for a lacy scarf of some sort. Am also jonesing to cast on for FLS but am having guage issues and I refuse to buy new circular needles to get the 18 stitches per 4″. So, am trying to figure out which size to knit based on my post-blocking guage of 15 stitches per 4″. It’s tricky cause I want to be able to wear said sweater after said baby is weaned when I’m *ahem* a bit less, how should I put it, curvy in the bust. All this to say, I’ve enjoyed reading about all your fiberly escapades!

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