Posted by: mick | March 25, 2007

Almost finished!

So it’s been a really lazy weekend. Lazy only if you don’t consider knitting as any kind of work. I basically knitted from after dinner Friday through lunch today, but my reward was great. Hourglass is done and blocking! See how beautiful it is? I’m overall pretty pleased with it, especially for my first sweater! All I have is a goofy shot of me wearing it with the needles still attached so far. I haven’t tried it on completely finished, but I’ll be sure to tomorrow. My goal was to finish it by the weekend to wear to work tomorrow, and I don’t care that it’s no longer sweater weather. I WILL wear it. I haven’t blocked anything before which, I know, is basically sacriledge. I’ve been afraid of it, so I’ve avoided it as long as humany possible. I’ve made hats, scarves, fingerless mits before…basically anything that could get away without blocking. But this time, the neck was rolling even after I sewed down the live stitches (read: spent two hours in pure hell). So, to my chagrine, I realized a good blocking was in order. I used an acrylic blend, which made my fingers sad, but was nice and cheap for a first sweater. Although it was pretty splitty, I really like the color. I didn’t want to get any heat near it and melt it, so I just did a light spritzing with my trusty spray bottle (KV: It’s our trusty “reptile mister” left over from the reign of Blinkin’. R.I.P., little friend), pinned the life out of the neck, and hoped for the best. I used pins from one of Jason’s buttondowns, which is really classy and professional, I know. I’ve been knitting for a few months now, and it’s amazing how many basics I still need.

Hourglass blocking!

So that’s it blocking, while I salivate over it and alternately fend Patches off of Babcie’s table and the sweater, which are both off limits to the poor little mowface. Speaking of which, Wiglaf just curled in my lap, which makes typing difficult due to his claws and general bad assitude, so I’ll end this now. I’ll post details about the pattern, yarn, and photos tomorrow. Yay for me! Yaaaay!


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